Saturday, October 26, 2019

Sociotechnical Systems Essay -- Information Technology

The concept of sociotechnical systems was created in the 1960’s as a part of organizational development research by E. Trist and F. Emery. Ranging from a small system between you and your phone, to the interaction between human behaviors with massive technical infrastructures society has developed in hopes to boost performance and quality for both the societal and technical side of the system (Fischer). The essential impression behind a sociotechnical system refers to the interrelatedness that humans, which are the social aspect of the term, and non-humans, which are the technical aspect of the term, have networks between each other. It is how a human interacts with the particular technology and in conjunction how technology inscribes relations onto humans. It is a conventional logic to think that humans have control of technology, and also that technology is simply used as an extension of human capabilities. Sociotechnical networks attempt to reveal how that may not be true by showing how technologies have a much more active role on human behavior, and by trying to show how the relationship between humans and non-humans is a much more complex and dynamic that we may assume (Pinch & Wiebe). Now with a better grasp on such a broad concept, where does someone actively fit in one of these systems? Personally, I participate in a number of sociotechnical systems across a range of platforms and devices from simple design to large scale complexity. Sociotechnical systems can bring people together through computer-mediated communications. Dedicated systems in companies can gather employee statistics to then compile and deploy in a knowledge base easily accessible by anyone who may gain assistance from a previous employees experience w... ...rking there were given two weeks’ notice. As a way of helping them go through this transition the company used a lot of its resources, be it the workforce placement company Yoh to find a new job for these employees to personal recommendations to friends in other companies to help this employees not be jobless for any long period of time. It’s very difficult to cater to everyone’s ethical expectations of the world. All we can do is cope, until a new sociotechnical system comes out that solves everyone’s ethical dilemmas for us. Works Cited Pinch, Trevor J. and Wiebe E. Bijker. "The Social Construction of Facts and Artefacts: Or How the Sociology of Science and the Sociology of Technology Might Benefit Each Other. "Social Studies of Science: 399-441. Fischer, Gerhard. â€Å"Distributed intelligence: extending the power of the unaided, individual human mind.† 7-14.

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