Friday, October 4, 2019

Job Security in Relation to Japan and India Assignment - 1

Job Security in Relation to Japan and India - Assignment Example The loyalty and commitment from the employees are widely dependent on the job security offered by the organizations of the country. To cope with the situations and a more stable relationship between the employees and the employer Japanese companies are constantly changing their pattern of employment which is needed to be implemented by the Government of India and the organization at India for a more stable and strong relationship building for building an employee base with high commitment and loyalty instead of being rigid to the rules of the Government. Flexibility at work plays a vital role in building trust amongst the employees and satisfies with job security for the employees (Zechariah, â€Å"Comparative Industrial Relations in Japan and India†). With the initialization of industrialization in Japan, the Japanese Industrial Relations System is a perfect blending of continuity and change in the characteristics of the employees. The first industrial enterprise of Japan was founded by the Japan government in the year 1890. This was first handled by powerful industrial families of the country but later with the transition from the agrarian society to the industrial nation demands relationship between the employees and the employers with the changing business model. With the influence of the western culture into the workplace, the organization are influenced to change their work structure. Various reforms came into play with the introduction of lifetime employment as a form of linkage between the employer and the employees to build the strong relationship. With the development of industrial relations, the workers are needed to possess’ special skills to retain their jobs in the competitive environment. The emergence of the lifetime employment and remuneration pattern was designed keeping in mind the future trend in the industry. The regular employees are who enjoys lifetime employment schemes and are paid according to the length of their services in the system.     

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