Sunday, October 6, 2019

Contemporary Issues in Information Systems Research Paper

Contemporary Issues in Information Systems - Research Paper Example Additionally, at the present there are numerous CASE tools which can be used by software development teams. These tools offer rigid policy and standards about implementation and design of the systems (Lamb, 2012; VisualCase, 2012). In addition, a number of the advantages offered by CASE and other similar techniques are that, by making the client element of the software development process (for instance by analyzing the marketplace and focus groups); a product is further possible to convene real-world requirements and features. In view of the fact that software development process heavily relies on redesign and testing, hence the price of servicing an application over its lifetime can be reduced considerably. In this scenario, a carefully established technique to development offers assurance for the code and design reuse, minimizing expenditures and improving value. Ultimately, quality software products are likely to develop a company’s image, offering a competitive edge in the market (Rouse, 2005). This report presents a detailed analysis of two major market leaders of CASE tools. Basically, this report presents an analysis of two major applications IBM Rational Software and Oracle Designer. These tools contain wonderful features and provide an excellent support throughout the software development process. This report will present the comparison of these two applications and specification of major features for more enhanced performance management of the application development. In this scenario, this research will assess these two products on the basis of different features and quality parameters. Analysis This report presents a detailed analysis of two leading CASE tool applications by comparing their features and attributes. In this scenario, I will compare and contrast IBM Rational Software and Oracle Designer on the basis of Repository (it demonstrates how the selected tools is using repository), Forward engineering features, Reverse Engineering feat ures and Modeling tool features. I will assess both applications of above stated characteristics to suggest a most excellent application. Repository IBM Rational The IBM Rational Case tools offer information that is able to improve quality of software development groups to function more efficiently and productively. Additionally, IBM Rational Rose permits development teams to uphold, capture and take benefit of software knowledge by means of a repository available to people through a web and Eclipse interfaces as well as to programming through a RESTful web based interface (IBM, 2012). In this scenario, Eclipse plug-in integrated in Rational Developer for System development connects the software developer to local as well as remote RAA repositories. In fact, it as well scans software application source files from local and remote workplace IDE software development projects into a local RAA system repository (IBM, 2012). In addition, the capability to scan symbols in some kind of fil e scanned by the Rational Asset Analyzer representation scanner, including the results into the Rational Asset Analyzer repository and comprising the data and information in the inquiry and analysis services. Moreover, it integrates information from a wide

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