Monday, October 7, 2019

Risk Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Risk Management - Research Paper Example Identification and Description of Risk Management Issue Medical malpractice is a major risk management issue affecting most teaching hospitals. Medical professionals can define medical malpractice as the inaccurate administration of healthcare services to a patient. In most cases, this always result to harm in patients as the mistakes made by the medical professionals at times can lead to devastating effects like death or disabilities to the patient. In teaching hospitals, most professionals are still students who are undergoing training on various grounds by using the patients who register at the hospital for medical purposes as their tests subjects. The effects of Medical malpractice by a practicing practitioner who is not yet qualified can at times be disturbing because they range from wrong dose calculations, wrong dose prescriptions to wrong injections that the doctor did not prescribe (Baker, 2010). Discussion of Steps That Have Been Set In Place to Address the Issue To address the issue of Medical malpractice in major teaching hospitals, various steps are incorporated. ... Secondly, the hospitals have employed enough physicians who monitor patients before they undergo medical procedures to avoid Medical malpractice that may lead to excessive pain, emotional distress, or death to a patient. In addition, the physicians explain the rehabilitation process of patient to make them mentally prepared and avoid the emotional distress that are caused by the medical procedure he has undergone. Thirdly, medical professionals are required to conduct a thorough research on the patient’s history to avoid Medical malpractice from the medical professionals’ side that might lead to the unexpected death of a patient. Lastly, ‘failure mode effect analysis’ has been introduced in most teaching hospitals to avoid Medical malpractice that leads to delayed treatment of patients visiting the center for medical purposes, therefore, improving the quality of healthcare services administered to patients (Joint Commission on Accreditation Health., 2011). Discussion of How an Organization Has Determined a Path to Remedy the Problem Organizations have taken various paths to remedy the problem of Medical malpractice by laying emphasis on the patient’s consent before passing patients through various medical procedures that are risky, but are also essential in the diagnosis of a patient’s ailment. The consent allows the medical professionals to touch and administer required medication to a patient, and frees him or her from the discomfort or consequences caused by the treatment administered to patients by will (Joint Commission on Accreditation Health., 2011). The organization has also laid emphasis on the informed consent to make the client aware of the various stages that he or she will undergo while

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