Friday, October 18, 2019

Korean War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Korean War - Essay Example The colonial started in 1910, which was marked by positive developments such as population growth because of improvement in hygiene and introduction of modern medicine. The colonial government was also responsible for many other improvements besides health such as implementing policies to modernize institutions and the Korean economy (Thomas White International, Ltd.). Other developments were expansion of railway, roads, harbors, telegraph, and the telephone network. Following Korean was not happy with the colonization by the Japanese. As much as the colonization brought development, Koreans were being oppressed by the Japanese rule. It was common for them to carry out demonstrations for independence from time to time. One incident was when young Koreans mostly students and Christians were inspired by US president Woodrow Wilson Idealism in 1918 and decide to carry out peaceful demonstrations. This did not go down in favor of the Koreans because the Japanese responded with brutal for ce, which comprise of beheading schoolchildren, and nailing Christians on crosses. Korea had been divided into two after the World War II, the north and south. The north had been occupied by Soviet troops and the south by Americans. The Korean War broke out when the northern communist side invaded the southern democratic side; historians see it as the first armed battle of the Cold War. Post war South Korea for several years underwent political hardships under various autocratic rulers. Most notorious being Major general Park Chung Hee, however coincidentally his rule saw significant economic growth of the country. Protests led to the military regime holding elections in 1987, which led to a stable governance starting in 1990. In terms of economy, South Korea impressively has transformed from poverty to one of Asia’s greatest economies. Its per capita GNP has grown greatly from $100 in 1963 to over $16,000 by 2005 (Thomas White International, Ltd.). As much

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