Thursday, September 12, 2019

Poverty and Social Violence in Latin America Term Paper

Poverty and Social Violence in Latin America - Term Paper Example These acts of violence and injustice through the lifestyle of communities as well as countries make it hard to penetrate positive change in those societies. Measures no matter how strong, are mostly used for containing and limitation purposes rather rehabilitation process. As far as history goes, the only way to spread the message has been written or visual context. Now having the newer media available in all parts of the world, it has reached and given opportunity to not only present one’s ideas but to also spread a message. Films such as Bus 174, City of God, and Los Olvidados etc are amongst their time from 50’s onwards have tried to share the changing stories of Latin America. The purpose of books such as Child of Dark show reality of the times regarding the social stratification present in the society. Each of the depiction of reality has been related to fight poverty to become amongst the ones who can live the rest of their lives in ease. Much like a jail, all of the films have tried to portray a life more or less confined under boundaries where the only way to survive is through someone others fortune. Having a downstream injustice present based in all parts of the hierarchy the films try to show the system failing to control its own public and being biased towards making choices. The ambitions lay towards the stability of life in most of the films but either failing to reach that goal due to fact that when one is caught in the vicious cycle of poverty and crime, there is no way out of it.

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