Friday, September 27, 2019

Philosophy of Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Philosophy of Law - Essay Example Although, I depict much abhorrence for Purple Shirts, it is necessary that we respect their philosophy that failed to permit people to present their own views on national matters. An additional difference between our current systems is that the law is applicable to everyone despite the fact that it might fail to favor some people. On contrary, Purple Shirts disregarded those laws not working in their favor. This disregarded those laws comprising of objectives not approved by them. Similarly, viewing their practices to be illegal and not acting in accordance with the law would imply that we practice exactly what we condemn. As my first deputy advises, we need to desist most of the public’s ideas on what to do, and develop a program that will resolve this dispute without allowing the public to intervene (Fuller). As highlighted by the second deputy, it would be a difficult undertaking to arraign the grudge informers to the court for their actions. Although he fails to understand how such a system of governance can be lawful, we cannot dispute the fact that they considered themselves lawful. As my deputy has argued, it would be absurd to consider Purple Shirt’s system of governance legal. Reviewing activities that Purple Shirts engaged into, acts as a clear indication that it was not a legal system. It is apparent that instead of enacting a government that adhered to laws; it allowed different categories of war to occur for which the grudge informer was among them. Therefore, our efforts to consider such acts as criminal would mean that we also endeavor to examine any other practice of those times that did not adhere to the law. The fact that... In consideration to the current regime utilizing a constitution that considers most of the Purple Shirt’s actions unlawful, an individual may consider my decision of not listening to peoples’ woes on what ought to be done to the grudge informers absurd. My argument to support such a decision is that, we cannot consider its actions as lawful, or unlawful. It is evident that what we consider, unlawful during the current regime may be was lawful during the Purple Shirt’s era. Therefore, in as much we are unwilling to address all that occurred during that regime, and which we consider unlawful according to the constitution, it is imperative that we leave the grudge informers alone. This would give us ample time to examine the different economic sectors, therefore, improving them accordingly. If there ever existed a non-democratic regime as highlighted in the current constitution is the Purple Shirt’s governance. The degree at which it practiced its evil deeds was so immense to such that judges who depicted contrasting ideologies suffered death. However, the most recent elections saw the defeat of such a regime, therefore, implementing a democratic government that was lawful. During the elections, I became the minister to implement justice. It was brought into my knowledge about the existence of a category of individuals identified as the grudge informers. These people reported those believed to have engaged in what was considered unlawful by such a regime. Therefore, alongside my panel of deputies, I have recommended on what to do to these people. It would be appropriate not to do anything to such people, since it would be expensive, as well bring about hatred.

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