Saturday, September 7, 2019

Knowledge Management Foundations of IT Systems SLP Research Paper

Knowledge Management Foundations of IT Systems SLP - Research Paper Example SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing and was founded in 1972 and it is the biggest provider of business applications. The applications offered by SAP crystal solutions are used by organizations and businesses in analysing, interpreting and presenting information. The process of creating new information in organizations is made easy by using the applications offered by SAP solutions. Bogorad (2010) states that data are discrete facts about objects and events which are necessary in the business system but have little significance on their own. There is need for the data to be interpreted and analysed and the SAP tools can be used in organizing the data to enable easier analysis and interpretation. After the data is organized with a specific purpose in mind it becomes information and this is used to make decisions. The SAP tools organize data into useful information. The SAP crystal reports software is an application that is used to design reports which a re interactive and connects them to virtually any data type (SAP crystal reports, para.1).This is a useful tool as it can help the employees to recognise patterns and be able to make accurate decisions based on accurate predictions from the reports.

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