Friday, September 13, 2019

Critical Response paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Critical Response paper - Essay Example The Japanese supported limited travels by Koreans, and this explains their suppressive rule that locked Koreans from the rest of the world. Increased travel meant more Koreans were intermingling with the outside world thus social changes would occur. The era also brings about social disparity in the Korean society as the elites considered themselves superior. Presence of westerners and elites meant to devalue Korean tradition and social values. On the contrary, the Koreans are seen to be opposing Japanese and Western assimilation, a factor that contributes mainly to societys isolation from the rest of the world. Shin and Robinson (53) describes the role that broadcasting media played in suppressing Korean culture and history. The authors focus on the manner in which Japanese used radio to bring changes to Korean culture. The 1924-1945 also marks the beginning of Korean freedom in radio broadcasting. Koreans can be seen to be transforming from the imposed Japanese radio programs characterized by censorship to the broadcasting freedom by the end of 1945. The authors bring to attention the role that radio played in spreading Japanese Propaganda and cultural ideologies. The Korean situation presents the theme of radio colonization and its effects on culture and tradition. However, the era also marked radio broadcasting policy change for the Koreans where the Japanese became a bit lenient on radio broadcasting censorship. However, the freedom to Korea’s broadcasting corporations revived the society’s culture. The era, thus, marked the revival of traditional music, drama and arts an d also assimilation to modern music. Korean radios were, therefore, means of subverting the predominant Japanese culture. The revival of Korean history and culture shows how radio colonization can suppress traditional norms, culture, and behavior. The events of early 1930s in Korea brought about themes

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