Sunday, November 17, 2019

Book Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 6

Book Review - Essay Example The writer grasps the attention of the writer through its fascinating revelations. Carr celebrates and admits in the book that the internet has given has many leisure facilities and conveniences, providing us quick and easy to access services. He has reflected on the notion, that with the advent of Internet and its overpowering nature in our lives, human mind has also become a technical mind. Internet has changed the way human mind thinks, it only encourages it to click and flick, losing its interest in the literature and reading good books. One of the reasons, for loss of interest is that internet has lessened our power to focus, Carr admits himself that he cannot read a book without losing concentration and his mind wandering after every few minutes. Carr reflects that â€Å"the Net and multimedia strains our cognitive abilities, diminishing our learning and weakening our understanding† (129). Carr has exhibited through different relations that because of the distractive nat ure of the internet and the various digital technologies, fewer and fewer people feel interested in introspective, deep reading activities. Carr is one of those technology writers who does not indulge in geeky tech writing, rather he grips his reader by beautifully crafted narrative and turns the technical details into sheer poetry. Carr starts the book mainly my admitting his own weaknesses in focusing and his distractive mind. He admits that he has been unable to focus lately and his mind is wandering to different other unrelated things and activities. He admits that it is not just about reading the books but he also has trouble focusing on other tasks as well and he keeps forgetting things and his memory is not as good as it used to be. He thinks that although the new media is changing the way we think and affecting our brain in several ways, it has several side-effects and one of the most observable and noticeable ones are that our brain is losing the power to

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